3 Years

Photo taken by Jason Huang of Table4Photography

Tuesday was our three-year anniversary.  How did we celebrate?  By working at a conference.  It was super romantic  😉

We’ll celebrate later on, though we haven’t quite decided when we’re going to do that.  We have some ideas, though, and I know it’ll be fabulous!

In the meantime,  Jason and I have decided that in honor of three years together, we’re going to each blog our three favorite things about our marriage.  And, we’re not comparing notes.  You’ll get my list first, and then his.  Even though we’re not talking about it, I would guess our answers are fairly similar.  We’ll see.

In no particular order, here are my three favorite things:

1. FUN

Being married to Mr. Poon is just good, old-fashioned fun. We are constantly laughing and enjoying our time together.  Doing the most boring things is fun in a way that I wouldn’t have expected about marriage.  Just sitting around the house is enjoyable, when Mr. P is around  🙂

2. Never Rarely Getting Tired of Each Other

When Jason and I first got married, we were together 24/7.  We were working on developing our team of ministry partners and we did pretty much all the tasks involved together.  Since we weren’t getting up and going to separate jobs, there was a lot of togetherness that first year.  Even since then, a staggering amount of our time is spent with each other.  Working in the same job will often have that effect.

The incredible thing about this is how great it’s been.  I can truly say that I enjoy being around Jason for those extended amounts of time.  And it’s not because I just love being around anyone.  Quite the contrary.  Spending extended time with anyone else has confirmed how unique this situation is.

Over long periods of time, other people annoy me.  A lot.  Last week our team spent several days from 9-4 doing planning and evaluation.  By the end, I was ready to climb in a hole either alone or with only Jason.  It was draining.  Spending time with Jason isn’t!

Although I need to make sure I get my alone time and my girl time, I’m always ready to come back and spend time with Hubs.  I don’t get tired of him  🙂

3.  Our Best-Friend-edness (AKA Intimacy)

Jason is the best friend I’ve ever had.  (Friend with benefits, that is…hehe.)  I can tell him anything and share myself with him completely.  There is no posturing or pretense.

After my mom passed away… or maybe while we were still in the hospital… I said, “Being with you is like being alone.”  I meant it as a compliment, saying that with him, I can be completely myself.  Anything I would do/say/feel/be alone, I feel comfortable doing/saying/feeling/being around him.  It’s the most fantastic feeling and I am confident that it will only increase from here!

Jason supports me, encourages me, complements me, challenges me and more… everything that I would want in a best friend.


4 responses to “3 Years

  • Lynn

    Happy Anniversary TJ, this is so sweet! Can’t wait to read his list!

  • Jenny

    you’re the sweetest wife. love that Dad has given you a wonderful hubby and a cherished marriage – so not a guarantee in this world! love you! happy for you! congrats!

  • Ruth

    You guys have a special relationship. I’ve been surprised at how many people have told me that they could never have their husbands work at home the way Rob does! Don’t take it for granted. You are blessed. Happy Anniversary!

    • TJ Poon

      Indeed, we are blessed! We were literally together 24/7 during the first year and a half of our marriage because of our job responsibilities, so I think that (and a hefty does of God’s grace!) helped us appreciate and value that sort of time together. It makes me sad when I hear married couples say the things that you’ve mentioned. So glad you and Rob enjoy each other the way you do!

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