3 Years

May 18th

Today marks our three year wedding anniversary and as a special post for this occasion, here are three things that I love about our marriage:

1.We Enjoy The Same Things – I am thankful that we both have similar passions for the Lord and that we can work alongside one another as husband and wife. It is a unique situation but having this common thread in our lives strengthens our marriage and allows us to grow closer to one another and the Lord. It also helps that we both watch the same TV shows, movies, enjoy the same music, have the same interests in working out and playing soccer. One of the things that first caught my attention about TJ, was her willingness and love to eat Chinese and Japanese food. I say this in all seriousness, but a non-negotiable for me was that the person I would marry had to be open to eating the foods that I love. It is too much a part of me and who I am, and it would just be too painful to not be able to share those things with my spouse. Thankfully, TJ is a food eating champ!

2. We Complement One Another – One interesting thing that we’ve both noticed about our marriage is that we both tend to balance one another out very well. There have been seasons where one of us would be feeling sorry for our self and it would be the other that has the right outlook in that situation and pushes the other towards truth. I believe this to be God’s blessing in our marriage and I am ever thankful that TJ will always help keep me grounded but that I can also do the same for her when the time comes.

3. She’s My Best Friend – With a slight tongue in cheek, there isn’t another person in the world that I could spend this much time with without me wanting to kill them. I am a severe introvert, but I love spending time with TJ. No other person gets me as well as she does, loves me as well and I very fondly just enjoy her for who she is. She makes me laugh, she makes me smile, but most of all, she makes me feel like a man when I am around her.

All this to say, I love you TJ. Happy Anniversary.


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One response to “3 Years

  • Laura

    I loved reading your posts, Mr. and Mrs. Poon. So fun that they were so similar… and so wonderful how much you enjoy eachother! Marriage is SUCH a gift from God, isn’t it? I pray that y’all have MANY MANY more wonderful years together.

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