Soccer Date Night

Maybe you read Mr. Poon’s previous post about the soccer game we watched last night.  If not, scroll down and take a peek.

This is what we did for our date  night.  We were going to watch Iron Man 2 but, being a loving and caring wife, I told Mr. P we could stay home and watch the soccer game instead.  Plus, I knew we’d just have to watch it when we got home from the movie anyway… that’s late!

To be honest, I also really like soccer and even enjoy watching it on TV so it wasn’t a great sacrifice for me.  However, I had to laugh at the result of combining date night and soccer.

We were both watching the game.  I didn’t think he seemed that much more absorbed than I did.  But apparently he was performing complex analysis while I found myself saying things like this:

“Hmm… that’s an interesting font to put on a soccer jersey.  I mean, I like it… but  it’s not very sporty.”

(Jason agreed, for the record.)

Then, “Hey Backstreet Boy!” as I notice Stuart Holden for the first time.  Jason chuckles. “No really… he highlights his hair??  He knows guys don’t do that anymore, right?   RIGHT???”

Mr. P and I follow the English team Manchester United very closely, and that makes up the vast the majority of the soccer I watch.  They are… really good.  And their competition is also top-notch.  Last night, the US didn’t exactly field their A-team and as I watched an enormous amount of passes not reach their targets, I thought, “You would never see this in professional soccer.”

Then the realization: This is professional soccer.


To round out the evening, we did go out for frozen yogurt after the game.  That was nice.  I do love me some mochi toppings!

While I enjoyed this date night, I think I’m also looking forward to seeing Iron Man 2 next week  🙂


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