Gender Party

I know I’m way behind here, but I’m just now getting around to posting about our gender party.

Inspired by this very fun post, we I decided that it would be fun to find out the gender of Baby Poon with a few of our close friends and family members.  I thought it was a really neat idea and we did have a lot of fun putting it together and being with our friends when we discovered that our baby was a baby girl.

At the ultrasound appointment where you’re able to see the gender for the first time, we simply had the technician write the gender down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope.   Then, a couple days before the gender party, our friend took the envelope and ordered a cake with an inside to be pink or blue, depending on the gender.  Everyone kept asking me how I could stand to wait those additional days.  It was weird – I barely thought about it.  I mean, I thought about it, but I really was in no hurry.  I pretty much knew it was either a boy or a girl  😉

Now, on to the party itself.

We mingled and ate for a while, then it was time for the moment of truth.

You can see clearly that the inside is pink (red) signifying that Herm is a her!

Isn’t the cake  funny?

We had a bunch of pink and blue foods that everyone brought.  They were all really yummy!  (Wendychendy’s cupcakes are divine!)

Some of the pics are really dark.  Sorry about that.

After more eating, it was time to find out what people had suggested for names.  Here we are reading them.

There were some good names… and some not-too-great ones, of course  😉  Actually, someone even said a name that we’re 90% set on.  It wasn’t spelled the way we’ll spell it, though.  And no, I’m not going to tell you which one it is… yet.

Here are the names:

Boy: Elijah, Micah, Horace Debussy, Roo, Herman, Noop

Girl: Haley, Hermet, Esther, Agnus, Aiden Grace, Brooklynn, Star, Adrian, Bernadette (Bernie)

Some of them aren’t too shabby, huh?  I think we’ll pass on Noop, Horace and Agnus though.  Oh, Hermet too.  (Sorry, Jake.)  Actually, given our last name, I’m surprised these were so… appropriate.  I guess I don’t give my friends enough credit  🙂

Today I thought of naming her Rowdy.  Rowdy Ann Poon… it has  a ring to it, yeah?

Maybe not.

Ok, for the last picture, I leave you with a shot of the front-runner for Baby Girl’s future husband.

Don’t worry, nothing’s been signed yet.  We’re still taking applications from potential suitors.


2 responses to “Gender Party

  • Jenny

    this was such a great idea and fun party! i admit i zoomed close up on the food spread – NICE!! 🙂 you guys are so creative. i can’t wait to meet her – she will be beautiful!! now the little cute guy in the last picture…i’m sure he is wonderful…but now that lucas has arrived, his chances are slimming down. 🙂

    love ya!

    • TJ Poon

      Haha! I will admit, you would be a pretty awesome in-law to have! Maybe I can pull some reverse psychology on Baby Girl and tell her she CAN NOT marry Lucas Holberg! That ought to do it.

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