Random Preggo Moments

I weighed myself yesterday and it’s official: I weigh more than my husband.

Since Mr. Poon is not a huge guy, I knew this day was coming.  I even knew that it would be good (I am supposed to gain weight, after all) but even so, I did not particularly look forward to this milestone in my pregnancy.

I generally like to keep a 15lb buffer between myself and the Hubs, but that was a dream that died long ago.  See, when we met overseas, we both weighed more than we do now.  6 months pregnant, I have still not caught up to my former weight, when Mr. P met and fell in love like with me.  When I came home from STINT and ran a marathon that resulted in a significant weight loss for me, I thought I’d pretty much sealed the deal for the life-long buffer.

I was wrong.

Mr. P and I got married and he dropped his bachelor eating habits, as I was feeding him consistent, healthy(ish) meals.  Weight lost. We both really enjoy exercising together, so then he started working out more.  More weight lost. Suddenly, the stupid buffer was gone, probably forever.  I mean, he still weighed more than me, but not by my coveted 15lbs.

I have been trying to fatten him up, but to no avail.  Grr, Asian genetics… grrr.

Ok, so I’m not really that upset about it.  It makes me happy to see him living a healthy lifestyle and the weight I’m gaining is the appropriate amount for me, signifying that Baby Girl is growing normally.

But, obviously, I’ll look forward to the opposite milestone a lot more – when I once again weigh less.


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