Random Preggo Moment

I don’t think this quite counts as “random”, but the last sonogram appointment we had was crazy!  Mr. Poon already talked about the professional baby x-ray lady here; that description cracks me up, by the way.  Yes, the office was very nice and and the person very professional, but I think I looked  like this the whole time.

The woman was going around Baby Girl’s body (aka my belly) and pointing out  all the different structures.

“Here’s the gall bladder.  These are the kidneys…”  Good grief, she even pointed out structures in the brain!

All the time, I’m like “Where??  Those black dots?”

And that’s the best-case scenario.  Usually, I couldn’t even discern the black dots that marked my child’s vital organs.  I just had to take her word for it.

Until it came to the heart.  It was amazing – you could see all four chambers of her heart and see that it was working perfectly!  I’m trying not to use the word “amazing” again, at the risk of sounding like the Bachelor… so  I’ll say it was incredible!

And then there’s this awesome sonogram picture, where you can see Baby Girl’s spine:

Honestly, I was having a blast the whole time.  It was fun (if confusing) to pretend to see and understand everything the technician- I mean “baby x-ray lady”- said and pointed out.  And, as Hubs already pointed out, she didn’t even spoil the surprise of the gender!

Then again, with girls, you never really know until they come out.  She could’ve been hiding some important features, I guess and I could be making this face again at the birth!

*Oh, and here’s the aforementioned almost-hook’em:


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