Random Preggo Moments: Cravings?

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “Have you had any strange cravings?”  I don’t know how this has become so pervasive in preggo-lore, but people seem to think that the moment conception happens, all women turn into deranged creatures that walk around yelling at our husbands to go get pickles and ice cream!  (Pregnant or not… that sounds disgusting to me.)

I’ve been answering this with a nonchalant, “not really.”  Besides my stand-off with leftovers, which luckily was short-lived, I haven’t really felt like I wanted anything that unusual.

However, I’ve realized slowly over the past six months that’s not entirely true.

I am currently in love with pizza.  I don’t eat it every day, but it always sounds good to me.  I probably could eat it every day and not get sick of it, at least while Baby Girl remains in the womb.  I didn’t pick up on this because, really, who doesn’t like pizza?  It’s not, by true definition, a “strange” craving, but perhaps wanting it EVERY SINGLE DAY moves it up into the unusual category.

I don’t think about it everyday, which is probably a good thing, but if someone suggests it… oh, it is on.  I will scarf that stuff down.  I am very happy that I can make a healthy-ish homemade pizza margherita at home.  That makes me feel slightly less guilty about indulging my craving, as I am fully intending to do at lunch today.

So, what about you?  If you’re currently pregnant, or have children, did you have weird cravings?  What’s the strangest craving you’ve heard of?


3 responses to “Random Preggo Moments: Cravings?

  • Corrie

    How bout cream of mushroom soup on bread. Not toast (like that sounds more normal) and not like a sandwich. Just the bread and the soup on top… oh yeah, doesnt sound that great now but I do remember having this more than once when I was pregnant with the boys. I dont remember eating anything weird with the queen.

  • Amanda Gripp

    I ate Twizzlers like they were going out of style. Given our limited diet (you can’t have lunchmeat, tuna, coffee, soda, beer…..the list goes on), my red sticks of licoricy sugar were the only things that I could eat constantly. 🙂

  • Ambreen

    I agree…no weird pickles/ice cream combos for me. i like things that are sweet/sour and tarty – like triple berry shock gushers which I can find on occasion here…but I really liked those before too. I think I’m with you on the pizza though…I don’t think about it all the time, but whenever someone brings up pizza, I definitely feel like eating it. Or when there’s an option between cooking in or eating out, I’d always rather eat out…but that’s laziness I suppose. Do share your healthy recipe for pizza though!

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