Random Preggo Moments

Last week, CVS had a great sale on diapers.  Many different kinds were on sale at 75% off, and you could even pair some good coupons with that!  I went and bought them out of the newborn size, since they only had 5 pkgs left.  I still haven’t totally decided about the whole diapering thing.  While I think I’ll probably go with cloth diapers, I may not switch until after Baby Girl is out of the 12-diapers-a-day stage. 

That’s a lot of laundry.

Anyway, I haven’t decided but I figured that, if I do initially go with regular diapers, I wouldn’t get a better price than that and, if not, I can always return them or gift them to someone else.  I think I know at least 15 pregnant women right now.

The point of all this…  I take my 5 packs of diapers to the register and after a minute, a man lines up behind me.  He looks at me and my stash and asks, “Do you have a lot of babies?”

Umm… can we give him a tact award?

“Well, I don’t even have one yet” is my response.  In my head, I’m thinking: Clearly you don’t have any, or you would know this isn’t a lot of diapers.

I think that’s the funniest interaction I’ve had with a stranger yet.  I haven’t had any awkward moments and, actually, no one has assumed that I’m pregnant unless they already knew me.  Maybe this lucky streak will continue.  I have a friend who, while pregnant, had a college student ask her, “Are you sure it isn’t twins?”

Now that should certainly win some kind of award.


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