Random Preggo Moments

There are two cars and a lawnmower currently in our garage.  We only own one car, so this is unusual, but a friend’s car is having window issues so it’s temporarily living with us.  Car + car + lawnmower + pregnant woman = problem.  If I’m not driving, I can’t get in because I can’t fit in the small space between the cars.  Yikes.

Seriously, Jason has to back out of the garage before I get in.  Even if I’m driving, it’s a little tight because of the lawnmower.

I must admit, it’s difficult for my brain to keep up with my body.  I often find myself trying to pass through spaces that I would formerly be able to fit through, no problem.  Now… yeah, not quite happening.

Also, how do pregnant women sit at tables?  Why has no one warned me about this?  I’ve never even thought about it before, but today I noticed that it is getting increasingly difficult.  I have to sit farther away, which is terrible because I’m an awfully messy eater already.

It’s definitely fun to know that the baby is growing, but a bit disconcerting when my brain is having a hard time adjusting to the progress!


2 responses to “Random Preggo Moments

  • Ruth

    Ah, you bring back memories. Pregnant women to lots of things angled to the side. By the end you wash dishes, eat, carry things, and hug your sweetie… to the side. Not only do you not fit through narrow spaces but your center of gravity is shifted as well. I think I fell about this time… according to Rob, I was like a Weeble… I fell but ended up sitting up, ice cream in tact.

    Missed ya’ll today. I hope your feeling better.

    • TJ Poon

      Dishes! Yikes, hadn’t even thought of that. Hmm, seems like a good job for J 🙂
      I’m feeling much better, thanks! I have no idea what it was, but I stayed on the couch in my PJ’s all day. I was so hot I thought I had a fever, but I didn’t. I just ended up sleeping and resting a lot and then felt perfect this morning. Strange.

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