Random Preggo Moments

Speaking of being a messy eater

The other day Mr. P and I were eating and, as usual, I ended up with something on my shirt.  With his usual wit, Hubs remarked that our daughter would hit a milestone when she finished a  meal with less food on her shirt than Mommy.  Isn’t he sweet?

Alas, it’s so true, though.   I love God and happen to think He’s a genius, but sometimes I think He made a mistake when designing women, particularly pregnant ones.  Even for non-pregnant ladies, the most prominent parts of our bodies are placed directly below the food entrance, pretty much guaranteeing that when we drop food, it will fall in a place where people (especially curious men-folk) will notice it.  Bummer.

If Jason were to drop food (which, let’s face it, he wouldn’t do because he’s not half as clumsy as I am), it would fall harmlessly to the napkin in his lap.  For me, I get to wear it on either my girl or… my girls.

This is not a fair situation.


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