Am I Dying or Just Pregnant?

You may remember my partial list of all the wacky things that can happen to a pregnant woman’s body.  Over the last few months, I’ve asked myself several times, “Am I dying, or just pregnant?”  (When I’m feeling less dramatic it might be, “Am I sick, or just pregnant?”)  Knowing some of the stuff that can happen and hearing that it’s “normal” has led to me basically ignoring anything that’s wrong with me, unless it’s really troubling or scary.

For example, I have a crazy rash on my arm that’s been there about a week.  Have I seen anyone?  No, I figure it’ll go away.  And it seems to be getting better.

The other day I looked down while chopping something to find blood all over my left hand.  No recollection or sensation of cutting my hand, but I guess I did.

I have random pains and I do mention these when I go for my prenatal appointments… due diligence, you know.  But I generally assume it’s normal and that, in 5-9 weeks, they’ll go away.

Listing everything weird that happens to me would be tiring, not to mention kinda gross, so I’ll stop there.  It is strange, though, to have your body go into partial freak-out mode and to realize that it’s perfectly normal.  I’ve experienced some of these things and, from what I understand, I’ve had an easy-breezy pregnancy compared to LOTS of people.

Therefore, I guess I’ll count my blessings rather than my freakish ailments.


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