Random Preggo Moments: Stranger Danger

I recently posted about how I’ll miss being pregnant.  After linking to that blog post on Facebook, my dear friend Deborah pointed out something else I might miss – the way that strangers ask me about my baby and get to share my joy.

If I’d encountered any kind strangers out there, or perhaps if I was a different person, this might be true.  Mostly, though, I’m baffled by strangers.  It’s like I have a huge sign on my belly that says, “Please make awkward comments about me.”

The other day, I walked into Home Depot and a person walking out said, “Hey there Mama!”

Uhh… what?

Luckily, I haven’t had too many of these occurrences.  And I must look like I’ll punch anyone who touches my belly, because it hasn’t happened yet.  (By the way, I wouldn’t do that… but I’m ok with looking like I might, if it keeps strangers from pawing my body.)

Last week, I was at a restaurant with friends and our waitress was giving us information about the menu and specials.  As she talked, a man approached and replaced my butter knife with a steak knife.  The girls at the table noticed, and immediately began to look around to see if anyone else had a steak knife.

Nope.  Just me.

My friend turned to me to ask about it and I quipped, “Something about me must say, ‘Give me the meat!!'”  (Hint: I think it’s the giant stomach.)

The man did eventually return to give us all steak knives, but it wasn’t until about 10 minutes later.  In the meantime, I felt both confused and awesome – a large, hormonal woman in possession of the table’s only sharp object is a bad idea…

…and oddly thrilling.


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