Random Preggo Moments: The Goal

I haven’t shared this here yet, but I am planning for and working toward a natural birth.  “Natural” means different things to everyone but for me, it includes going to a birthing center in the care of midwives and having as few medical interventions as is safely possible.  This is the birth that I envision, hope for and pray toward.

Over the past nine months, I have been preparing for this kind of birth by doing everything I can to be mentally and physically healthy and ready for labor.

At different points, I have seen a “natural birth” as The Goal.

Not having to be transferred to a hospital was The Goal.

Not having a caesarean was The Goal.

Avoiding the kind of birth that I don’t want was The Goal.

How silly!  All of this is nonsense.  People don’t get pregnant in order to have a positive birth experience – they get pregnant to have a baby.

The Goal of pregnancy and labor is a healthy baby and a healthy mommy.

Granted, I have a preferred way that I’d like to get there but, once I remembered and focused on the true Goal, it took the fear out of all of the “what if’s”.

There are 1,000 things that could go wrong in labor.  After going over many of them in my birthing class and realizing that, in 2010, the vast majority of them can be dealt with safely, they are no longer sources of fear.  If something comes up, I can accept it and see it as a small detour, rather than a landmine, on the way to the goal of a healthy baby.

I’m still going to pursue the birth that I want and that I think will give me and Baby the best start possible in our life together, by doing everything that I can do.  But, here’s the thing about that: “everything that I can do” is, in reality, pretty limited.  Sure, I believe that God has given us a substantial amount of power and dominion over our bodies here on earth.  However, He alone is sovereign.  He alone is omnipotent.  He alone knows what the day of Baby’s birth will be, and all the circumstances surrounding it.  He has knit her together over the last 37 weeks, and His eyes alone have beheld her form.

Knowing that He has already seen and decreed the day of her birth, I am free to simply accept what unfolds as from His hand.  I rest in comfort, knowing that I have acted in accordance to how I’ve been led so far, but He alone can get us to the finish line – to The Goal.


One response to “Random Preggo Moments: The Goal

  • Carita

    As always, beautifully written! We are praying toward the same goal for you and the Baby. I absolutely respect your perspective and how you are placing your trust in God every step of the way. Can’t wait to meet her!!

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