Random Preggo Moments: Are We There Yet?

A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to write a post about how waiting for a baby to be born is like waiting for Jesus.

Or something spiritual like that.

Because, I mean, it is.  “No one knows the day or the hour.”

So true.  We have no idea when we’re going to meet the Lord, and we have no idea when we get to stop being fat.  I mean, err… pregnant.

Last week, the waiting was spiritual.  Or, it could be made so.  I was seeing the parallels in our spiritual lives and trying to let waiting remind me of how eagerly I should wait and long for my Savior.

This week… it’s been a bit harder.

As my due date is still two days away, believe me I know that I’m still in the “no-room-to-complain” group.  I feel for my sisters who have gone way past due and had to endure everything that goes along with that.

(If you’re interested in a little post-due-date humor, check out this post from my friend Louisa!)

I’m so blessed, still, to be able to carry this child to term since that is what is best for her.  I am very thankful that she is getting the amount of time in the womb that she needs for her growth and development.  I know the Lord knows what is best for her, and that is also what I want.

But as any woman who has ever been 1omts pregnant will tell you, there just comes a point when you’re done.

Physically, emotionally… urinally.  (Not a word, I realize, but I peed 5 times last night.  There needs to be a word for that.)

It just gets hard to carry around the extra weight.  It gets hard to bend over.  It gets hard to even roll over.

You’re ready to pee less.  Ready to stop waddling.  Ready to drink coffee and eat sushi.  Ready to stop looking like a whale.

All sorts of things.

Then, there are the things I am still soaking up and glad I don’t have to let go of yet: the quiet moments I spend with Jason.  (Actually… any quiet moment.)  Easy date nights.  Sleep. Spontaneous excursions.  Times with my ministry team.  Sleep. Going to restaurants.  Enjoying uninterrupted TV shows.  Oh, and did I mention sleep?

Those times make the other things more bearable and direct my heart to gratitude rather than impatience.

So, I have good days and bad.  Yesterday was bad.  I complained to the girls on my team and then felt like a poopy-butt for whining about something that really is great and wonderful.

Today is better, thankfully.  I am also using this time to rest lots and to keep doing little preparation things that don’t have to get done, but that I know will make my life easier in a couple of weeks.

We’d appreciate your prayers as the Lord brings us to your mind.  She could be here any day now!  Or… not.

“No one knows the day or the hour.”


4 responses to “Random Preggo Moments: Are We There Yet?

  • Jan

    Go ahead and drink your coffee. I’ve been drinking a small cup every day since my nausea went away. It brings a little more joy to my morning. I so hear ya on peeing 5 times a night and it being hard to roll over. I had no idea my first pregnancy was so easy even being a week late. This little man sits so low that everything is harder. I dropped something at walmart the other day and couldn’t pick it up. You’re right though…it’s all for good. I’ve got 2-3 more weeks to go. In the meantime, I’m going to having lots of time with my daughter.

  • Brian Virtue

    I’m laughing pretty hard because I’m living this second-hand right now. Christine’s so done and she can’t picture getting any bigger. She’s done 9 months once before but she can’t imagine another 7 weeks. Fun that you’re getting close to the big day!

  • Ambreen

    I’m so excited for you that you’re almost there! One of the first things I noticed after having Shiraz was the sudden disappearance of bladder pressure…and it was such a wonderful feeling. Wishing you much rest these last days!

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