Eden: My Delight

We are so very thankful for the many prayers that we have received in the past four weeks. Many of you prayed for us as TJ went into labor. Even more prayed when we had our little fever scare with Eden a couple weeks ago. One thing that I am constantly praying for is that she will live up to her name.

The funny thing is that we actually named our daughter well before she was even conceived but we had a very purposeful reason for naming her Eden: It is our desire for her to be a “delight” to those around her. But the unique situation with her name is that it isn’t pronounced EE-dən. Instead we are adopting the Hebrew pronunciation which is more similar to AY-dən.

We did spend months contemplating over such a “complicated” name. A Hebrew pronunciation for her first name, Cantonese for her middle name and then the unfortunate last name of Poon all thrown together. We literally wondered to one another if we were ruining her life with such a unique name. Some have loved our choice while others have subtly thrown in their hesitations (although it wasn’t actually very subtle). And of course there is the well meaning but very poor attempts at “helping” us rename Eden so the spelling is more reflective of the pronunciation.  But regardless of how her name is pronounced, what remains true is that her name will remind others of the Garden and that she is and has been an utter and complete delight to me and I pray that remains true for her lifetime.

I do not know why God has chosen this particular girl to be my daughter. I do not know why God has deemed me responsible enough to be a father. All I do know is that she is delight and I pray she will be one to you too.


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