Family Goals

One of the things that our family likes to do with every new year is set goals for the next twelve months. We’re adamant that we’re not setting resolutions for ourselves. The difference? I feel that a resolution is me making some kind of drastic change in my life, whereas a goal is a continuation of something that I’m already doing, but setting myself some kind of benchmark to hit. But most importantly, these goals need to be reasonably obtainable. An example would be that I don’t read much in terms of books, so setting a goal of reading a book/month is a bit of a reach, instead 2-3 books would be much more reasonable.

So here are just a few of the goals that we have set out for us in 2011:

Health wise, I intend to continue playing soccer but my goal is to complete several challenging training routines to take my fitness levels to another level. I already set aside several days a week for training, so it’s not much of a difference to just increase the intensity. I’m also reopening my pull up goal back from 2009 where I was ambitiously going for 10k for the year. I think I reached somewhere between two to three thousand but then I joined a gym and doing pull ups was no longer important to me. I’m currently shooting for 10/day that I’m home, realizing that I’ll travel quite a lot this year. So far I’ve done 130 in 11 days. A family health goal is for TJ and I to run a race together this year. It could be a marathon or an easy 5k. Either way, we’re going to run something together.

Financially, one of our goals was to get something started for Eden’s college funding and to fund it monthly. A long term goal of ours is to be able to pay for college for all ours children. I know to reach those marks, we need to start saving early and often. I don’t ever want to see my children saddled with any kind of debt because I was too lazy to save for them. We opened an account for her and have funds sent to it automatically every month.

Spiritual goals are lot trickier to deal with since it’s usually pretty difficult to measure. Going to church every Sunday doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve grown any closer to God. So our long term goal is for Eden to see that our faith is very much a part of our lives in everything that we do. So for starters, even though she is way too young to get what’s going on, one of our goals is to pray several times a week together as a family. Small, but hopefully significant in raising our daughter to know the Lord in the future.

What about you? Did you set goals for 2011? What were they?


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2 responses to “Family Goals

  • jakeandkylacarlson

    My goal is to read every post you make within 24 hours of posting. 🙂 Kidding! But seriously… My goals are:

    1) Post updates on my own blog and my family’s blog frequently

    2) Get my family involved in preserving its history

    3) Maybe start that apologetics website I never get around to…

    • Jason

      Good goals Jake. Is your #2 goal related to the thing on your site? I tried tracing back my family. Certainly can’t do it online. But the farthest I got is my great grandfather. Fascinating stuff. In a nutshell, I could have been Taiwanese.

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