The Best Time of My Day

Currently, I have two favorite times of the day.

The first one happens somewhere between 6-7:30 when Eden wakes up for her first feeding.  Daddy sleeps and I go to her room, sit in the glider and give her breakfast #1.  Afterward, we have what I have dubbed “kissy time”.  Basically, for the better part of an hour, I simply hold her in the crook of my arm and snuggle with her.  She coos and “talks” to me.  We hold hands.  I give her a ridiculous amount of kisses.  We play with her feet.  It’s the time of day where she is the least squirmy and the most cooperative with my unending displays of affection. Whatever lingering anger I have from her lack of sleep the night before melts away as I gaze into her precious face.  (Well, most of the anger anyway…)

Sweet, sweet memories.

The other favorite is almost exactly 12 hrs later and completely different, when at 7pm Jason and I put the baby to bed for the evening.  We eat dinner. Maybe have a glass of wine.  We talk.  Sometimes it’s the first time we really talk all day.  We watch TV.  We relax and unwind.  We look at each other and say, “This is the best part of the day.”  We don’t miss the baby at all.  Ahhh…  I look forward to it every day.

I’m so thankful that my day is book-ended by such sweet times.  I know these will be moments I remember for many, many years.


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