Original Design

During my second STINT year in East Asia, I was presented with the question;

“Would you rather experience Heaven or the Garden of Eden?”

I thought about it for a few minutes and landed on Garden of Eden. My only reason was my desire to experience something the way God intended. It was the original design. The intended purpose was for mankind to experience God in that sacred place.

Since then I’ve been trying to apply that thought of experiencing things by its original design. When it comes to food, I’ll want to taste it as the chef who prepared intended his meal to be tasted. I know I have my own preferences and would like to make my own alterations to it, but I feel that I should at least taste it beforehand and it experience that way. When it comes to movies, I’ll do my best to know as little as possible about the movie so I can view it with a blank slate and without any preconceived notions or expectations.

But I realize that as I want to experience more things by its original purpose and design, the more complicated and difficult it is to achieve. The hardest one being relationships. What have I done to tarnish the beauty of marriage by bringing in my own sin into the picture? It hasn’t been six months yet, but I can only imagine what kind of damage I’ve already done to the original design of fatherhood. What about my parents? What have they done that has altered the original design of being a son for me? And most disappointingly of all, because of the exodus from the Garden, I will never experience a relationship with God as He originally purposed.

Obviously there is grace, restoration and redemption that God weaves into our lives that make His story so beautiful. And while I am ever thankful for it, I still sense the loss of never being able to experience some things as they were originally intended to be.


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