These Are the Days

Yesterday morning, I begged Eden not to grow up.

I even enlisted the help of her Dad. “Jason, pleeeeease tell your daughter to stop growing!”

I can’t help it. These are some of the sweetest days of my life and I know they are fleeting.

I fully expect to blink and find myself watching Jason walk her down the aisle.

Not cool, Time… not cool.

After a rough-ish start to parenthood, we have entered my favorite stage of Eden’s life so far. Yesterday, she and I spent 45 minutes lying on the couch, snuggling and playing. It was late in the day and we were spending the last few minutes before her bedtime routine just hanging out. Even one week ago, she never would’ve stayed calm and interested through such a low-key activity.

It was precious beyond words.

It seems weird to blog about how life is good. But it truly is.

Jason is getting to do work that he loves with Epic, and he gets to do it at home.  It’s so sweet to be home with our little family all together, even if he is working. And I’m getting back into ministry as well, as I’m able to meet with students. My time with the Epic women is more infrequent than it was before Eden, but it is extremely encouraging and (I hope) impacting.

Even though there is a sweetness to life currently, it is never perfect. In the midst of joyous days, my heart has truly been in anguish as some of our dear friends have been suffering, and there has been pain in our families. It seems that even in times of joy, it’s impossible to escape the pain of living in a fallen world.

But redemption is coming.

I see its shadows when I nuzzle my baby, enjoy my husband, or when sudden good news gives hope to an impossible situation.

I am thankful for that reminder, and for the ability to enjoy a season of life that seems especially sweet.


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