The Big 2-9

Today, my husband and best friend turns 29.

STINT 2004

Eden and I get the pleasure of being with him and celebrating him all day. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.

I shamelessly copied this from my sister-in-law, but in honor of his birthday, here are 29 reasons why I love Mr. P:

1.  He is really, really attractive. Really.
2.  He protects me and Eden.
3.  When we got married, I was against him having a gaming system because I’d seen so many guys neglect relationships to play video games. Jason then assured me that wouldn’t happen and told me his specific plan to ensure that it wouldn’t happen. I love both his commitment to our relationship and his foresight and planning. (Is that three reasons?)
4.  He is a really great father. He enjoys every minute with our baby girl.
5.  He is a partner with me in childcare. He sees caring for Eden as much his responsibility as mine.
6.  He is teachable. He responds extraordinarily well to godly correction.
7.  He’s no slouch in bed.
8.  He supports and encourages me.
9.  He is committed to helping me nurture my gifts and strengths in ministry; he does not see me as his sidekick.
10.  He is brave.
11.  He is financially generous.
12.  He puts the well-being of our family above his own personal desires.
13.  He is a very loyal friend.
14.  He has muscles. Nice ones.
15.  He is willing to follow the Lord anywhere.
16.  He has stayed connected to his Chinese culture.
17.  He is quick to apologize.
18.  He strives to honor his parents even while maintaining his adulthood.
19.  I feel more womanly around him 🙂
20.  He is physically active and pays attention to his health.
21.  He is not passive!
22.  He is disciplined.
23.  His calves are ginormous. And hot. Seriously. Have you seen them?
24.  He’s funny.
25.  He takes out the trash. I never even think about it, but he does it faithfully every week.
26.  He is thrifty in most areas so that he can splurge on dates or things for wifey.
27.  When I have been in my lowest points emotionally or physically, Jason has stepped up in a big way and I have been lavishly loved and completely taken care of. (See posts here and here for examples.)
28.  He doesn’t have nasty boy feet. They are actually quite nice.
29.  He’s my best friend. With benefits 🙂

Hong Kong 2009

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