Pants Appreciation Day

Tomorrow (July 10th) is my mother’s birthday.

Pants Appreciation Day.

We called my mom “Pants”. And although we appreciate her every day, tomorrow is the day that we’ll set aside to do a few things that Pants really loved.

For one, we have to wear pants. Obviously.

(Please, God, don’t let it be a THOUSAND degrees!)

We’ll also go out for Mexican food. Pants ate some sort of Mexican food nearly every day of her life for the last few years. That is no exaggeration. The woman loved her jalapenos!! Even though Jason and I are not able to be with my family tomorrow, we’ll gather with some friends and celebrate my Mom’s life through some enchiladas or tacos.

Those are the basic requirements. Pants + Mexican food.

But since it happens to be the Women’s World Cup, we’ll also start our day watching the USA v Brazil game. Pants LOVED watching pretty much any kind of sport, so we know she’ll approve.

I mean, it won’t be as good as her Cowboys, but that’s ok.

Another thing Pants liked was cheap beer. Cheap in two senses of the word – inexpensive and baaaaaad. (Sorry Schaefer Light drinkers!) Since we happen to currently be in a place where the local beer is both inexpensive and AWESOME, I’m thinking that if we partake in that particular Pants-ism, we’ll at least upgrade 😉

If there’s time left in the day, we may attempt a puzzle. Especially when I was younger, that was an activity that she and I loved to do together. We almost always had a puzzle going.


That’s what our Sunday will look like – we’ll be participating in the first annual Pants Appreciation Day, and we invite any of our friends and family to join us!


2 responses to “Pants Appreciation Day

  • Cassi

    I’ll definitely appreciate her! Love you Bren!

    Nice Teej! :-))

  • Nik

    I will do all of the above in remembrance of your wonderful mother, my dear aunt. I will also be playing a marathon game of text twist and coincidentally be tallying my garage sale spoils. How odd it has been without Aunt Nana, the human calculator here at the GS.

    Man, Schaefer Light…. I sure DO love my Aunt Nana to partake of that particular aspect of the appreciation day 🙂

    Much love to both you and Corrie on this day and every day. How blessed we all were to have had Aunt Nana in our lives!

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