2011 Family Highlights

Just like every year, 2011 has been a mixed bag. Plenty to celebrate and rejoice over, and much to mourn and work through. For all of these things, we give glory and praise to God for His obvious hand in our lives. We have found Jesus to be faithful in all things, and that alone has made it a good year.

But there were some definite highlights in the Poon family:

Seeing two of our best couple friends realize their hopes of becoming parents as they finalized adoptions. It remains a great honor in our lives that we get to walk through life with such amazing people, and their joy was our own as we saw their dreams come true. Here’s the story of one.

Spending much of the summer taking theology classes in Fort Collins, Colorado. Eden did great, and the weather was beee-yoootiful. Plus, the family atmosphere is top-notch. (The beer isn’t bad either.)

Going back to Colorado to minister to our new staff as stewardship trainers. It’s one of our favorite things that we do every year, helping our staff make a budget and honor God with their finances.

Eden’s first birthday party. Well, really just seeing her turn 1. The party was special, but even more so was being able to praise God for her first year of life. And celebrate that we survived it. Booyah!

My 30th and 31st birthdays. I actually turned 31 this year but I had two birthday parties – one for my 31st and one to make up for last year, when my 30th birthday was not really on my radar. Eden was three weeks old. At that point, my “dream” party consisted of a solid night’s sleep. We made up for it by throwing me a big ice cream party this year. Fun!

Seeing our nephew play in the State baseball tournament at the Dell Diamond. Jason and I kind of hate baseball, but we both got into it and were very excited to watch him play.

I got to hear one of my heroes, Dan Allender, speak in person for the second time. I may have been a little nuts about it; in the first thirty seconds, I shushed the people behind me because they were talking as he began. What can I say? His writing was instrumental in completely turning my life around seven years ago… so of course I couldn’t miss even one second of what he was saying. Obviously.

We got the bufferback. This is silly, and not really very important, but it did feel nice to put some pound-distance between myself and Jason again.

We both feel so blessed that recently our home and work life has just totally been awesome. We both feel like we have a partner in each other and we’re each doing work with Epic that is joyful, fulfilling and life-giving. Definitely a season to cherish.

And there’s so much more – falling more deeply in love with each other, watching our daughter truly become more and more delightful by the day, praying for and then seeing God’s provision, experiencing restored friendships, embracing the body of Christ around us as our family – there has definitely been a year’s worth of joy in the last twelve months.

Happy 2012, dear friends, and here’s to another year of receiving God’s goodness to us all!

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