For the past couple of years, it has been our custom to commemorate significant days in our lives with special blog posts. Aside from being ultra-romantic (right?), it is fun to publicly appreciate one another and have the chance to reflect on our blessings. Last year, for Mr. Poon’s 29th birthday, I took a cue from my sister-in-law and wrote 29 reasons why I love Jason. Since I dig upping the ante when possible, this year I wanted to do 30 reasons to love Mr. Poon, but I decided that they should come from 30 different people.

In no particular order, here are (many more than) 30 things to love about Jason:

1. He has always been gracious to me even when I do something that pisses him off. — Jake

2. He’s a great soccer coach! He taught me soccer and that takes a considerable amount of patience, so I really appreciate it! — Kathy

3. I like that Jason is interested in and takes ownership of the family’s personal finances and investments. — Drew

4. I appreciate Jason for his blunt, yet genuine and caring, honesty. — Matt

5. His ability, when necessary, to transition smoothly from humor and smacktalk to seriousness and caring — Jan

6. What I really like about Jason is how he taught me how to be a godly man. It was not through words, but through how he loved his wife, his responsible attitude regarding money, and his outlook on life when hard times come around. — Andrew

7. I love that Jason is both 1) courageously vulnerable to reveal the parts of his heart that are tender because of the pain he’s grieved well and 2) honest and witty about the parts of his heart that still have a shell because there are healing journeys God has yet to call him on. — Amy

8.  I appreciate Jason’s kindness and all that Jason does for the soccer team-which is a lot of work! — Kyla

9. Jason, I appreciate your honest love for the Lord, for your family, and for beer! Thanks for being you! — Ti

10. Jason is passionate and easy to see how he is feeling through his facial emotions. You know you can feel safe with Jason  — David M.

11. Mr. Poonicles, I appreciate two things about you: your humor and your sensitivity. I saw more of the humor when we first started working together. But as I have gotten to know you better as a friend, and as I have witnessed your interactions with your wifey and your adorable little baby, it is evident to me that you have a side that is sensitive to those around. Ultimately, it demonstrates the greatness of your love and care for others. Happy birthday Poonicles!
P.S. You have a freakin hot wife. – Sarah

12. Jason – the more I find out about you, the more of an extraordinary person I find you to be – as a husband, father, son, friend, and really, in every way.  Happy 30th Birthday! — Scott

13. Long list of talents, numerous skills and strengths, a variety of interests, athletic, intelligent, witty, passionate, hard worker, reliable, dependable, “go-to guy”, a good friend, good husband and father.  How does someone become a “Renaissance Man” at the age of 30?  Really! — Hudd

14. Happy Birthday, Jason!  Your incredible love for your wife and daughter and the way you are so committed to serving your family and others well is something I truly respect and admire about you.  Your family (and friends) are lucky to have you in their lives! — Carita

15. Jason is a man of few words but he makes them count. When he speaks, it’s usually something profound…or hilarious. He is empathetically willing to share in others’ pain with them – huge for a dude to do. When those he cares about are suffering, Jason will hurt for them AND with them. — Jen S.

16. Jason is an incredibly loyal friend.  I can always count on his ear, his support, and his godly wisdom.  — Jeff W.

17. I appreciate that Jason shoots straight with me. I know his word is trustworthy and yet he still conveys it with a good balance of truth and grace. I think this comes from his genuine love and care for others. — Josh

18. I appreciate the husband he has been for my best friend, and the friendship that he has freely given to me. — Chris B.

19. He’s just the sweetest husband and father. I respect him greatly and I’m so glad God put him in TJ’s life which also put him in mine 🙂 I wish him all the best on this birthday and every single one following 🙂 — Corrie

20. I LOVE how Jason engages with our boys!  I have pictures from when he was swinging Nate around while he was on STINT.  Great with kids! — Trisha

21. Jason, I appreciate your acceptance of me as your younger brother. You’ve taught and encouraged me from your life-experience, and you have given generously to me. In many ways, I try to be like you. I love you, big brother! — Jonathan

22. Jason, I have appreciated a lot about you the past several years I’ve known you.  What really has stuck out to me is your ability to encourage and affirm.  I think of several times where you have been very intentional in this way and I have felt very built up in how God has created me and what He’s created me to do.  Thank you for that, I’m better for it! — Joe

23. I really appreciate how encouraging Jason is. I have experienced Jason as a leader and coach and he refines through encouragement and positive feedback. He has a unique ability to be incredible honest in a gentle and loving way. He also does a great job of reminding me of the truth that’s found in Christ. He has truly made my journey through developing partners and soccer an enjoyable experience! Also, I appreciate his intentionality and generosity! — Emily

24. Some things I appreciate about Jason: easy going, focused, ambitious, adaptable, and of course good looking (with or without all his hair) — Rocky

25. I appreciate Jason’s love and passion for the important things in life- Jesus, family, financial stewardship, meat, and soccer 🙂  — Jill

26. Jason is awesome because what you see is NOT what you get… there’s so much more to him than first meets the eye. — Stephen S.

27. To Jason: For your 30th birthday, I want to share with all of Internet land that having encountered many hardships and cumbersome decisions since graduating from college, I’ve learned from you to step up to the plate and just “nut up/man up” to God’s calling in my life, which is to simply bring Him praise in what I do. — Paul

28. I appreciate that Jason is patient, encouraging, and willing to share his knowledge with us, but he’s not an overbearing jerk when we forget or don’t get it. He’s just a good guy! — Jeff H.

29. Your integrity and humility continue to be the traits I appreciate the most about you, and further see as evidence of a genuine follower of Christ. In eight years of knowing each other, you continue to remind me of what true perseverance in Christ looks like. — BMart
30. I’ve come to truly respect you. You are a man who seeks to know and understand yourself and those around you. You are a man who takes responsibility and leads well, especially in the family. — Truman

I had to edit a few for length, and there are more people I heard from so those are included in the comments. If you have something to say about how awesome he is, please join in there!

3 responses to “30th

  • TJ Poon

    Happy Birthday! Another mile marker in life!!! I’ve been blessed to be able to call you friend. Little did I know that little connection you had with Randy all those years ago would now lead to our friendship. I’ve come to truly respect you. You are a man who seeks to know and understand yourself and those around you. You are a man who takes responsibility and leads well, especially in the family. Your wisdom is beyond your years. You’re not one that feels the need to speak up every chance you get, but when you do speak, I want to listen. I love seeing how you love TJ. I love seeing you with your daughter. I’m inspired by the way you steward your gifts, your interests, and the resources God has given you. I hope that today, as you turn 30, you are able to reflect on all that God has done in your life, in your journey, in making you who you are. And looking forward, you are able to take comfort and joy in the hope of who you are yet to become. I am so thankful for you, Jason. I just wish we lived closer together.
    Your fellow white-woman-marrying-Canto,
    p.s. Now go eat you a big’o piece of red meat!

    Well, where to begin? I was privileged to serve with you in ministry while we were students in Austin, as well as while we were Cru interns half way around the world. Your integrity and humility continue to be the traits I appreciate the most about you, and further see as evidence of a genuine follower of Christ. In eight years of knowing each other, you continue to remind me of what true perseverance in Christ looks like. It will always be my sincere privilege to not only partner with you in ministry, but most importantly, call you my friend and brother in Christ. Happy Birthday, bud! — BMart

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday old man! Hope you enjoy that beer tonight….because I know you will. — Shelly

    Since it’s a celebration of age I’d like to point out how Jason carries himself with a sense of etiquette and manners befitting a maturity beyond his years. In our society where convenience trumps consideration it is exceedingly rare to find that trait. — Lawrence

    Happy Birthday Jason!
    What fun it is to go to the archives and pull memories out of Jason. He is such a sincere friend and respectful person. One of the things I really appreciate about him is his willingness to try anything that will get him closer to God. I say this particularly remembering our early 20s, maybe even teens! I think he was reading Piper (??) or in a new discipleship relationship. In any case, he was being challenged to take on difficult tasks, to mentally strain to ground his beliefs, and the one thing that was evident was his willingness to do A LOT of work to just get a little more of Jesus. I have been massively challenged and encouraged by his attitude. We love Jason here at the “Samqui” home. we love you TJ and little Eden. I could not be happier for a friend. Happy Birthday! — Gena

    jason, your birthday cake is going to be LEGEND–wait for it–NON-DAIRY. we’re all lactose intolerant. — Randy

    He’s real. And puts himself out there. He is a GOOD eater. It’s fun to see how much joy Jason receives from a simple meal. No pansy salads for this carnivore. — Jen

    Jason is an incredibly loyal friend. I can always count on his ear, his support, and his godly wisdom. Hey Jase, happy 30th, old man! I remember when we were 14 like it was yesterday. I am blessed by your ministry, your friendship, but mostly how you and TJ have been faithful to the Lord for all these years. Mel and I are just itching for the opportunity to come back to Texas, reconnect, and meet Eden! — Jeff W.

    To my Brother and Great Friend, We have been able to have a lot of fun and great times over the years, and we added a few more here recently. I wish I could be there for the Big 30!! I pray you have a blessed day and year!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!! — Cory

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  • Pentyi

    Jason has always there for me. No matter the distance or time that goes by, I know that I can count on him for a listening ear, heartfelt advice, and redirection toward our Lord. Happy belated birthday big Bro!

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