Taken by Day7 Photography

Taken by Day7 Photography

Today is Mr. Poon’s 31st birthday! As you know, I always like to do something on our bloggy blog to celebrate Jason and his awesomeness. (Right now he’s teaching Eden to do a “hook-em”… see, awesome!)

This year has brought changes (hello, new baby in the house!) but one thing that hasn’t changed is Mr. Poon’s amazing service to his family. Every year, day after day, he does so many things that love and serve us well. In honor of thirty-one years, here are thirty-one ways that Jason faithfully serves his girls:

1. Picks out Eden’s outfits for school

2. Takes out the trash each Thursday

3. Learns about investments so we can be good stewards of what we have

4. Re-negotiates our insurance rates every year or so, so we can do more with our money

5. Makes my aeropress coffee each morning (I think he’s better at it)

6. Makes sure the diaper bag is properly “loaded” before we leave the house (Diapers, snacks, etc.)

7. Wipes table, countertops after dinner

8. Does the laundry often

9. Changes most of the diapers

10. Finds ways to earn Amazon credit so he can buy things for his girls!

11. Carries heavy stuff for me

12. Finds books and learning materials for Eden

13. Will do anything so I can go out with a friend or have some time for myself

14. Washes lots of dishes

15. Gets up early to exercise so he doesn’t have to take time away from the family for that

16. Handles our investments

17. Manages our automatic bills and makes sure everything is paid on time

18. Took up running because I liked it. Now he kicks my ass… So that backfired.

19. Mows our yard

20. Finds and plays music that Eden likes

21. Gets up early to work, so he can take a longer breakfast with the fam

22. Often cooks us breakfast!

23. Goes to get me things that I could get for myself when I’m too lazy to get up 🙂

24. Gives Eden baths

25. Prioritizes my contributions and re-arranges things so I can engage with my ministry team

26. Takes the car in for repairs when needed

27. Does stuff to make my computer run better

28. Researches gadget-y stuff and helps me decide what to buy

29. Does our ministry reimbursements each month

30. Suggests new shows for us to watch that he thinks I’ll like

31. Gives me some sweet lovin’ 😉

I could’ve probably listed many more things, because that husband of mine is a rock star! The only problem with making this list was it had me asking, “What do I do?” He does so much!
I love living life with Mr. Poon – he’s amazing and the perfect partner-in-life for me.

Happy birthday, Jason!

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