Welcome to our website! We will be using this space with updates on the ministry, our lives and just anything we find amusing and worth sharing.

About Us: We met while we were serving the Lord in East Asia on a one year mission trip. After surviving a long distance relationship for a year, we were married on May 18, 2007. We both enjoy good coffee, soccer and are absolutely nuts about our little girl Eden.

About Jason: Spent the first 12 years of his life in Hong Kong, which he still considers home, before moving to Fort Worth, TX. Considers the perfect meal to consist of a medium rare rib-eye and sushi. He is a proud graduate of the University of Texas and is an avid fan of Manchester United.

About TJ: Grew up in Rockdale, Texas and went to Rice University before meeting Jason in East Asia. In order, her two favorite things are: the grace of God and people around whom she can be herself. She also loves her morning coffee and kitchen supplies.

7 responses to “About

  • S. Drew Peabody

    I just love the website. Marvelous.

  • jackie kirby

    Agreed. This is awesome.

  • Pent-Yi

    So I didn’t know where to comment on the blogs, and seeing as to how everyone else’s comments are here; I’ll join them too!
    First, welcome to Austin! I’m really excited that y’all are here & I hope we get to see each other more. I look forward to spending time with my ‘big brother’ & his wife. Let me know if there is anything I can do, I’m in the same city!
    TJ, I think that’s exciting that you are experiencing true freedom in the Lord. It’s something we know of yet most of us don’t live by it (myself included). I’m not sure what it is but true freedom is hard to understand. So I’m rejoice with you!
    Jason, gas prices are sky-rocketing! And you’re right, along with the gas prices increase the goods that must be delivered by trucks that use gas, too! The increased gas prices are going to have quite dominoe effect on our daily living. As for foreign films, I know Brazilian ones. City of God is a good & popular one. If you haven’t all ready, “La vita e bella” (Life is Beautiful) is a great movie! 🙂

  • Nate Dawg

    Hey guys! Love the website!!=] ….hope yall are doin good.Hope to see yall soon.=]..ttyl…

    -Nathan =D

  • roshan

    How do I get an RSS feed for the site? I didn’t see a link anywhere and it would be cool to keep up with the informative posts.

  • Jimmy

    Nice website.
    I haven’t blogged for a while myself and reading your posts has given me the itch again.
    Must..resist..urge..to..comment… (even though you do have closed comments on your postings).

  • Dan Drake

    so you guys came up on facebook and it took me here. glad to see both of you are doing well and after about 17 and a half seconds on your page, i had to submit to the awesomeness. just thought i’d say hey, take care, and may God continue to bless the both of you. also, i still think of you guys when i pick up The Silence of Adam, thanks again for that.

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