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Penny Saved…

Thanks to several coupon sites teaching her the art of the trade, TJ’s become quite proficient at legally robbing stores. My favorite was the time when Wal-Mart paid us to take merchandise from their store. It wasn’t more than a quarter, but it was still impressive to watch nonetheless. Our most recent raid has been Super Target and while it’s not as awesome as them paying us, we were able to walk out with 1lb of apples, 1lb of bananas, one sandwich bread and one cereal bowl for about 52 cents per transaction.

So here’s how she did it:

1. Visit OrganicGroceryDeals.com. This website enables you to print as many coupons as you want.

2. Select the apples coupon, which is $1 off 1lb of apples ($1.29/lb). Pick out 3 apples, which is just slightly over a pound. Apple coupon has expired.

3. Select the “Bananas purchase, 1 lb or more – $0.50/1” coupon. Print out as many as you want. Pick out 3 bananas, which is slightly over a pound. ($.49/lb) Expires 9/5/09

4. Select the “Archer Farms artisan bread, Bakery Dept. – $1/” coupon. Print out as many as you want. Pick out their sandwich bread, which is only 99 cents. So you get it for free. Expires 9/12/09

5. Select the “General Mills cereal – $1/” coupon. Print out as many as you want. Pick out a General Mills cereal bowl which Super Target sells for $1.  Expires 9/12/09. The computer doesn’t officially recognize this coupon as valid, but the coupon doesn’t specify what kind of cereal it applies to other than the brand General Mills. If the cashier gives you any trouble, just tell them to press “K1” on their register which will manually push the coupon through. The coupon says limit one per transaction, but we’ve gotten away with two per.

After it’s all said and done, you will have paid about 50 cents for all of that.