Keep Austin Weird

If you have been through Austin before, it’s more likely than not you have seen those words on a bumper sticker, t-shirt or poster. Part of Austin and UT’s distinction is the city and university’s pride in just being different from the rest of Texas. That distinction creates a very unique and interesting place to live and learn but also along with it comes an incredible amount of spiritual apathy and criticism. The need for Christ here is very real, as it is estimated that 85% of Austin’s inhabitants are outside the church.

Epic Movement is a national campus ministry that seeks to reach Asian American students by putting the gospel of Jesus Christ into a context that speaks to them, and it is the part of Crusade that we are working with specifically.Currently, our team has a hand in movements at UT, UTSA, UTA, A&M, and UH.

Through changed lives, transformed communities, and the development of leaders, Epic’s mission and heart are that every Asian American student would know someone who truly follows Jesus as Lord and Savior.

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